Welcome to North Cook Counseling. Grounded in Family Systems Theory, North Cook Counseling offers couples, family, individual, and group therapy to motivated and interested clients. Regardless of the type of session being held, the commitment is to treating the whole person. You are not just a set of symptoms entering into therapy; you are someone with a rich and often painful history of experience, culture, and relationships. By learning more about how this history and its patterns have shaped you, we can then begin to unravel the problem at its root, for long term healing and awareness.

Services Offered

Couples Therapy
Family Therapy
Individual Therapy
Group Therapy

Therapeutic Focuses

North Cook Counseling provides therapy focusing on a broad range of concerns, including but not limited to issues of:

Grief and Loss
Emotional Distress
Negative self-image
Family History
Relationship Conflicts
Communication Problems
Couples intimacy
Marital discord
Divorce or separation
Sexual orientation
Gender identity
LGBTQ issues
Issues around race, ethnicity, or privilege
Domestic Violence


North Cook Counselling now offers supervison!

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